Company – Company Profile: MaxSteel Suzhou

MaxSteel Suzhou

MaxSteel Corporation (Suzhou) Limited is established in the beginning to support Singaporean customers who have operations in China as well as getting ready for future businesses that are diverting into China.

The office and factory occupies about 4,000 m2 in the Suzhou Industrial Park district where many Singaporean and other foreign investments are located. Since incorporation in 2004, MaxSteel Corporation (Suzhou) has developed into a fully operational steel processing center with complete facilities.

Operating procedures and quality standards are brought over from the parent company thus having the capabilities to offer customers products and services which are parallel to Singapore standards. MaxSteel Corporation (Suzhou) is also awarded with the ISO 9001 quality management system certification by an internationally recognised certification body.

As part of MaxSteel’s regionalisation plan, the Suzhou subsidiary fulfils in introducing the products and services to the larger overseas market in China.

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( MaxSteel Corporation, Suzhou )