Cold Rolled Steel (CRS)

Cold rolled steel also written as CR in short is the base metal for many commercial steels in the market. Cold rolling is a process in which hot rolled coil undergoes deformation by passing through rollers at below its re-crystallization temperature. This will increase the material strength due to crystal structure defects and thickness rolled down precisely to the desired value.

Steel Rolls
Cold Rolled Steel 2


By manipulating the chemical composition when producing the base for CR and varying the tempering, a range of CR grades can be produced with different mechanical properties. Common attributes include drawability, formability and paintability.

Cold Rolled Steel 3
Cold Rolled Steel 4


Few examples of applications include

  • Automotive car parts
  • Mass storage devices (Voice coil motor)
  • Construction (Structural and non- structural)
  • Electrical consumer product.


  • Steel Roll

    Common Stock


  • Measurement

    Corresponding Standard

    JAPAN - JIS G3141
    CHINA - GBT 711
    U.S.A - ASTM A1011/1011M
    EUROPE - EN 10025

  • Dimensions

    Applicable Nominal Thickness

    0.20MM - 4.10MM

  • Width

    Width Available

    50MM ~ 1524MM

  • Stack


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