Hot Rolled Steel (HRS)

Hot rolling is a metalworking process that occurs above the recrystallization temperature of the material. After the grains deform during processing, they recrystallize, which maintains an equiaxed microstructure and prevents the metal from work hardening. The starting material is usually large pieces of metal, like semi-finished casting products, such as slabs, blooms, and billets.

Steel Rolls
Hot Rolled Steel 2


Hot-rolled metals generally have little directionality in their mechanical properties and deformation induced residual stresses.

Hot-rolled mild steel seems to have a wider tolerance for amount of included carbon than does cold-rolled steel, and is, therefore reduces workability.

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Hot Rolled Steel Application 2


  • Pipes and tubes
  • Stampings
  • Compressor shells
  • Doors and shelving
  • Guard rails for streets and highways


  • Steel Roll

    Common Stock


  • Measurement

    Corresponding Standard

    JAPAN - JIS G3131
    CHINA - GBT 716
    U.S.A - ASTM A1008/1008M
    EUROPE - EN 10130

  • Dimensions

    Applicable Nominal Thickness

    2.00MM - 4.00MM

  • Width

    Width Available

    50MM ~ 1524MM

  • Stack


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