Prepainted Galvanized Steel

PPGI is pre-painted galvanised iron, also known as pre-coated steel, coil coated steel, color coated steel etc., typically with a hot dip zinc coated steel substrate.

The coil coating process may be used for other substrates such as aluminium, or aluminium, stainless steel or alloy coated steel other than "pure" zinc coated steel. However, only "pure" zinc coated steel is typically referred to as PPGI. For example, PPGL may be used for pre-painted 55%Al/Zn alloy-coated steel (pre-painted GALVALUME(r) steel*)

Steel Rolls
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  • Aesthetically pleasing. (Various colour choices from RAL colour palette)
  • Durable paint that lasts over several years
  • Corrosion resistant
Prepainted Galvanized Steel 3
Prepainted Galvanized Steel 4


  • Roofing, Garage entry doors, Roller shutter doors, Storage units, Storage walls
  • Automotive car parts (Car bodies, parts, Van Panels)
  • Electrical consumer products (Refrrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine)
  • HVAC
  • Furniture


  • Steel Roll

    Common Stock


  • Measurement

    Corresponding Standard

    JAPAN - JIS G3302
    CHINA - GBT 2518
    U.S.A - ASTM A653-CQ
    EUROPE - EN 10142

  • Dimensions

    Applicable Nominal Thickness

    0.50MM - 3.00MM

  • Width

    Width Available

    50MM ~ 1524MM

  • Stack


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