The MaxSteel Quality

Quality Management

The management of MaxSteel understands very well the importance of the quality and service levels that are required by users today and acknowledges the need for continuous development.

To achieve the required level, our ISO quality management system coordinates our operational activities; all employees are trained to recognize the importance of their roles and responsibilities towards our quality target.

Quality People

The most fundamental asset of successful companies are the people in it and thus MaxSteel dedicates time and resources in training and education to accomplish the best quality standards at work with the guidance of the experienced management team.

Everyone at MaxSteel are aligned to think, plan and act as a team in order to develop the best solutions and in a systematic manner to implement them effectively.

Quality Equipment

As the focus is set on ensuring quality products to the users, the management is dedicated to the improvement of machine technology, production processes, testing facilities and to establish regular maintenance for ensuring business continuity.

MaxSteel is confident that by investing in the right equipment, further assurance can be provided to the users on top of the what is assured by the mills.

Quality Culture

The MaxSteel culture of quality goes beyond the ISO certification. Mutual respect and open communication are applied to foster and create the quality culture and commitment mindset.

Short daily meetings are conducted with the sharing of updates from employees and inputs from customers’ feedback. This assists everyone to drive towards the goal of reducing defects and continual improvement.